How to Start Your Dropshipping Business

How to Start Your Dropshipping Business

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How to Start Your Dropshipping Business
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This one-on-one 4-Day Coaching Sessions consists of 1 hour per day step by step instructions on how to start your own dropship business using Shopify just like this website you are on now. 

If you are ready to launch your own tshirt line, apparel brand, cell phone accessories, toys, shoes, jewelry, or whatever you want online dropship business this one on one consultation is perfect for you!  

For some this will be a full time business and others just a side hustle to earn extra income that will take you away from the 9 to 5. Either way this course is for you! It will help you take the first steps towards independence. 

Your website will not require you to carry any physical inventory unless you want to and will allow you to operate it from anywhere in the world.

This one on one consultation will take you step-by-step through each level of what it takes to set up a Drop Shipping Store Using Shopify and Aliexpress.

You will learn how to open your Shopify account, connect it with Aliexpress, build trust with your potential audience and sell your first product.

We will walk through the different Shopify Applications you will need to install to build a legitimate dropshipping store. Finally, we will walk through setting up a Facebook and Instagram Advertising Campaign to drive traffic to your store.  

All you will need for this course is a few days, the diligence, consistency and determination to take the action needed to get up and running, an internet connection, and a few dollars to cover the cost of the Shopify account and applications (I will provide you a free trail in the resources).

Utilizing 1 hour per day for 4 days I will walk you through step by step on how to find a niche, set up your Shopify store and run Facebook and Instagram ads to generate sales. 

Julie Williamson (Trainer, eCommerce Expert and Entrepreneur)

Consultation Requirements?

  • A Computer and the Internet 
  • Shopify Account (You need to sign up and pay for this. A 14 Day Trail Available in the Resources)
  • Oberlo Account (You will need to sign up for this and there is a link in the resources, we will use the free tier to begin with)

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Setting up your Shopify Store
  • Finding a Niche to go into
  • Adding the right application to your Shopify Store
  • Targeting your Audience with Facebook Ads

Target audience for this course?

  • Anyone wanting to open a side business
  • Anyone looking to making money online
  • Anyone that is looking to start a business
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