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About DoYou247.com
doyou247 was created by Jewel Williamson to bring a new vibe to the clothing industry by targeting a younger generation looking for a fresh image. Her 90s upbringing has provided her with a well-cultured background that she has successfully harnessed into her brand. doyou247 is responsible for customs designs and unique prints that sets the brand apart from its competition. 

DoYou247.com sells a wide range of well curated custom made collections of retro, indie, quirky, hipster fashion for women, men and children.

The brand is 100% self funded, started with less than $100 in capital, a whole lot of passion to create unique designs using high quality material manufactured and shipped directly from overseas partners.

Faster Shipping from Overseas
If you are worried about shipping time, long waits are a thing of the past as we have also partnered with companies such as DHL Express and the United States Postal Service to ship products sometimes within 2 weeks of ordering. To keep our costs low, mostly everything on our site is custom made to order. So if you have the patience to wait for unique quality custom clothing then you are at the right place.

DoYou247 always offers free and fast shipping and has made it easy for all US customers to return all products to our Jacksonville, Florida office.

Our Commitment to You
At DoYou247.com, we wanted to change the buyers experience into a happy and memorable one. There is a huge opportunity to change the overseas e-commerce industry by setting a brand new approach to online shoppers, by offering quality standards, in products and especially in customer service.

No more “cheap & slow shipping”, a phrase overused to describe 99% of e-commerce overseas companies. Our mission is to bring the best in material and manufacturing quality, outstanding customer service, faster shipping and hassle free return policies.

Thanks to this vision DoYou247.com is the fastest, safest way to buy, unique, custom made fashion and lifestyle products at very affordable prices.

Design Your Own Custom Made Products
Bring your creative ideas and inspiration to life with our D.O. Y.O.U. (Design On Your Own…Unlimited) experience. You can express your personality through your designs and with our customized items like Custom Shirts, Custom Dresses, Custom Leggings, Custom Swimwear, Custom Baseball Jerseys, Custom Ties, and many more. You can explore our in house designs or submit your own graphics to make your very own personalized gifts to express your unique message.

Do You 24/7 will have over 25 unique custom products coming soon for your design needs. So, if you have an idea…let us take care of the rest.

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