COVID-19 Shipping Updates

Updated: May 1, 2020

Due to the impact of COVID-19, many shipping companies are now in a state of lacking staff. Not only is the delivery time delayed, but the update of logistics information has also received great challenges.

Some orders are taking longer to process and packages are delayed. Delivery of your items may take 30-45 days after the shipment date. Please know that our teams are working as quickly and safely as possible to fulfill orders however these delays are mostly caused by our shipping partners who are experiencing an increasing amount of shipments. Rest assured your items are still on their way to you.

Faster Shipping: Although our faster shipping method is still delayed, choosing expedited shipping at checkout will assist in receiving your item faster and with more accurate shipping updates.

In-transit orders: If your order has been shipped there is going to be a delay as most shipping couriers have back logs and as COVID-19 continues to alter the way in which companies are conducting business. We are asking that you continue to wait out the process knowing your product will arrive. You may choose to open a refund case with Paypal or your credit card company. However, we are hoping that you will continue to practice patience during this difficult time and trust that your items will arrive even if late.

Reasons for logistics delay:

  1. Affected by pandemic, decrease of courier company flights.
  2. Customs unpacks and inspects all packages.
  3. The FedEx/DHL/UPS have a backlog of goods, they limits the weight of shipments every day.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will try our best to ship items as soon as possible.

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