Finding Your Right Size takes pride in shopping all over the world to find the most unique clothing brands. In most cases this can lead to dealing with multiple vendors with different sizing guidelines. To make the process easier for you, here is an article on how to determine your size in our store. At the end of this guide you’ll be able to know what your size is for both clothes (whether you are a women, man or a child) and shoes. No matter if you are looking for a dress, jeans, a jacket, sports equipment, t-shirts, etc… rest assured it’s gonna fit you like a glove.

Many of our products are US sizes and will state that. While other items will have a table for sizes on their product pages or the size chart will appear in the images view.

Shoe Sizes

Finding your shoe size is fairly easy as the US American size will be the one most likely used. If in doubt, the best option is to contact us directly we will clarify if sizes are bigger or smaller than what is stated on the tables (this can also be applied to clothes).

This is a generic conversion table for shoe sizes.

Clothing Sizes


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